Furlough This – Federal Employee Appreciation Day

The City of Warner Robbins, GA may soon be offering its federal employees something very unique.

Furlough Ale

Furlough Ale (photo – dirvish/flickr)

Major General Robert McMahon, now retired and formerly the commander at Robins Air Force Base, is proposing a weekly “Federal Employee Appreciation Day” aka FEAD.

Robins Air Force Base, like other military installations, is bracing for the harsh impact of sequestration furloughs.

Civilian workers are set to be furloughed for 20 days starting from April.

McMahon has requested local businesses in Warner Robbins to support the military and its civilian employees by offering discounts to federal employees on FEAD.

He proposes FEAD to be held weekly on every Thursday in April, which means ongoing discounts as long as Congress does not get its act together to put an end to the disastrous $85 billion cuts in federal programs.

In fact, given the love federal employees are getting from all kinds of businesses, they may actually regret it if Congress puts an end to the sequester.

Considering the shaky ground federal jobs are on now, resume writing service Employment BOOST is offering a 20 percent discount for federal employees.

Fitness fanatics can head for the Energy Club in Arlington, VA to avail of the “Don’t Furlough Your Fitness” discount. The club is offering free discounts for federal furloughed employees. Offer valid only on furlough days.

A restaurant named the Daily Dish in Silver Spring, MD is offering a 20 percent sequester discount on lunch on furlough days.

Auto Express in Fayetteville, NC is offering not just discounts but also exclusive financing terms for military and civilian employees from Fort Bragg. As mentioned here previously, DC-based AutoSquad is offering sequestration discounts on tires.

The silver lining in this whole mess is that the furloughs and the sequestration cuts will go away soon enough, but Federal Employee Appreciation Day may just survive and become a permanent feature.

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