Lenovo Special Offers

Looking for a new PC or laptop for your home or for your kids? Then Lenovo is the perfect store for you. Lenovo offers amazing discounts with their latest products like the ThinkPads and IdeaPads up to 50% for military personnel, veterans, federal employees and family members.

Lenovo online store ( offers 19% discount off to their powerhouse Lenovo ThinkPad T Series T420. The laptop has an epic battery life, great keyboard, strong performance and high resolution display and sounds. The T series Laptop is usually priced in stores at $1,365 in the physical stores but can purchased at a low price of $839 in the online store. With the federal and military discounts, the laptop is now only priced at $671.20. That is a huge savings of $693.80 and almost 50% compared to the laptops being sold at the physical retail stores of Lenovo.

Lenovo also offers a 72 hours only deals for the ideapads and desktops which you can save up to $704. If you are also looking for a high performance android based tablets Lenovo has their own handheld devices which are engineered for your enjoyment. The IdeaPad A1 Tablets which are priced at $399 in retail stores and $225 at web stores can now be purchased for only $189 using the federal and military employee discounts. Aside from Laptops and Tablets, Lenovo offers reliable PC for the computing needs of your family for affordable price, the Lenovo H330 which are priced at $699 on the retail stores and $529 at the web stores are now only $270.51 using the promo price. The desktops uses the 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2320 Processor and comes with the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system

Lenovo offers daily discounts for federal, military and their family members but also provides a bigger discounts just like today with their 3 days 45% discounts. The offers starts at April 1 and ends on April 4. Lenovo also has a promo offer that runs up to April 9 on their accessories like mouse, laptop bags, headphones and earphones with up to 50% discounts.

You can visit Lenovo’s special military and federal employee discounts at:

More federal discounts here.

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