Fed Homes Get Improvements at a Discount

A restful home is a well-kept, organized home! For federal employees and military members, they can take advantage of great deals at a lot of stores to help them re-vamp a living space in their home, or build an entirely new one. There’s a lot of planning and budgeting involved if there’s any physical and permanent change to be done in the house. Like for example, improvements to extend the kitchen can be hefty price-wise, but there are ways that you can take advantage of home improvement deals when you’re from a fed or a military personnel:

  1. Lowes and The Home Depot have a huge repository of everything you could ever need for a hardware supply store. They even have steel and plastic pipes available, plywood and woodblocks, different paint and cement brands, plus many other! Military members, especially retirees, can easily deduct 10 percent off their purchases at a Lowes store or at the Home Depot.


  1. Second in the list, but equal in nature to the first Long Fence and Home, with their seemingly endless supply of home improvement merchandise. It is home to both common and hard-to-find wares that you will need to fix a wall, attach a window, create flooring with, and many others, all of which are what you should be looking into when you want to revamp a room in the house.

It is important to note that these promos by different stores may be subject to changes in terms of the promo availability, terms and conditions, and coverage of merchandise by the respective stores. Please call for more detail and promo information if the discount isn’t advertised. Always bring your valid military ID or an updated VA identification card to get your due discounts and promos.

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Get the Best Fed Employee Health Benefits with this Open Season Guide

The Federal Employee Health Benefits Open Season is a big event to which you can change your health plan status. Whether you want to update your plan coverage from self to family member and vice versa. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your current plan is working for you. Grab the chance to choose a different health plan depending on your new needs without having to worry about Below are the list of things you should be looking into:

  1. Your insurance needs to be supported by your family doctor or personal physician. Ask them if their clinics are participating in the health plans you’re trying to upgrade into. Take the brochures as much as possible when you’re going to inquire about it and give the customer service number a ring for more details that aren’t printed in the leaflet.
  2. One of the most recommended plan is the Flexible Spending Account, which enables you to save up to 40 percent off OTC medicines for colds, pain, and other first aid implements. Selected prescription medications are also under the umbrella of the FSA. With this plan, you will be using pre-tax dollars, and you may also use the FSA to help cover any cost when you wanted to check a doctor that’s not within your usual network. The FSA may be able to be re-enrolled every year.
  3. Another recommended plan is the Health Savings account that works beautifully with a high deductible health plan (HD-HP). This is one of the ways that will not only save you money, you might even make money, too, if you stay generally healthy and you have no dependent under your plan.

Take advantage of the many information for health plans that fit you. Don’t be shy to ask! Make the most of your options by being always informed and always up to date!

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GEICO Insurance Are Fed-friendly!

GEICO is a long-standing institution that provides car insurance and other types of financial protection and coverage services. They’re a brand that is almost a household name now, and they are ramping up their services to provide opportunities for their customers to save more! Most nobly, they have a soft spot for Federal Employees, both for active personnel or for retired feds with the “Eagle Discount” and “Sponsored Marketing Discounts” promo which has offerings of discounted insurance of up to 8% depending on your state or city, but it is available in most states including the Disctrict of Columbia.

This Eagle Discount is available for active or retired federal government employee under the GS-7 pay system, though it also made available for personnel of the non-GS system which is equivalent to GS-11 and above. Another GEICO offering is the Federal Sponsored Marketing Discount which enables several fed groups who have an affiliation with GEICO to be eligible for a discount on their insurance premium for their vehicles. Similar to the Eagle Discount, the discount is available in most states in the United States and D.C. area.

For more information, simply call your GEICO office and ask about the GEICO Federal Employees Program to learn how to get more out of your insurance with their federal employees’ appreciation program and a lot more.

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Macy’s Massive Discounts for Federal and Government Employees

Discounts, huge batches of them, should never be passed over at any given point. Whether it’s a discount for apparel shopping, appliances, home and kitchen items that you actually need, it’s a must! Periodically, lots of department stores are always giving a lot of great deals for its loyal shoppers, but you have to wait for holidays, special red-calendar days, or store anniversaries. What wouldn’t you give for all-year round discounts from your favorite department stores you frequent? Especially those that you actually love to shop in because of their wide array of products that you’d love to get your hands on?

Employees of Government Agencies or Federal Employees are up for a really good deal at Macy’s. One of the biggest department store chains with 850 establishments in 45 states and counting. Fed and Gov’t employees can avail of their current promo where Macy’s extends your savings by shaving off up to 15% off of every $100 spent on apparel and accessories. There’s a lot of savings if you’re wanting to revamp your wardrobe, which at an average costs about $350-$500 depending on your taste for brands and style. Summer is fast approaching and it’s high time to use this deal to do some seasonal fashion updating for your closet!

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Furlough This – Federal Employee Appreciation Day

The City of Warner Robbins, GA may soon be offering its federal employees something very unique.

Furlough Ale

Furlough Ale (photo – dirvish/flickr)

Major General Robert McMahon, now retired and formerly the commander at Robins Air Force Base, is proposing a weekly “Federal Employee Appreciation Day” aka FEAD.

Robins Air Force Base, like other military installations, is bracing for the harsh impact of sequestration furloughs.

Civilian workers are set to be furloughed for 20 days starting from April.

McMahon has requested local businesses in Warner Robbins to support the military and its civilian employees by offering discounts to federal employees on FEAD.

He proposes FEAD to be held weekly on every Thursday in April, which means ongoing discounts as long as Congress does not get its act together to put an end to the disastrous $85 billion cuts in federal programs.

In fact, given the love federal employees are getting from all kinds of businesses, they may actually regret it if Congress puts an end to the sequester.

Considering the shaky ground federal jobs are on now, resume writing service Employment BOOST is offering a 20 percent discount for federal employees.

Fitness fanatics can head for the Energy Club in Arlington, VA to avail of the “Don’t Furlough Your Fitness” discount. The club is offering free discounts for federal furloughed employees. Offer valid only on furlough days.

A restaurant named the Daily Dish in Silver Spring, MD is offering a 20 percent sequester discount on lunch on furlough days.

Auto Express in Fayetteville, NC is offering not just discounts but also exclusive financing terms for military and civilian employees from Fort Bragg. As mentioned here previously, DC-based AutoSquad is offering sequestration discounts on tires.

The silver lining in this whole mess is that the furloughs and the sequestration cuts will go away soon enough, but Federal Employee Appreciation Day may just survive and become a permanent feature.

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Sequestration Discounts from AutoSquad

Most federal employees will be at least a little worried about the impact of the sequestration, if not directly affected by it.


Sequestration (photo – house.gov)

In case you just woke up from a long sleep, a sequester was automatically triggered on March 1, 2013. The federal budget is being slashed across the board to cut deficits by $85 billion in 2013.

Everything from school spending to FAA services for passengers and airplanes is on the chopping block. The military has already been hit with $500 billion in cuts for the decade. There is another $500 billion worth of spending cuts in the works if the sequestration continues.

Civilian DOD employees are being furloughed all over the map. This means lack of access to health care and education, among other things. A lot of this pain is being felt in the Washington D.C. metro area. Entire economies in this area are dependent on federal dollars.

To help federal employees combat the sequestration blues, Washington D.C. based AutoSquad is offering special sequestration discounts on automobile tires. You can save up to $130 on a set of four tires.

A basic $25 discount is available if you buy up to three tires. You can get $50 off on four tires. This discount can be combined with an $80 rebate from the manufacturer. You also stand to save 10 percent on parts and labor if you need brakes.

The $80 manufacturer rebate is only available for Dunlop and Goodyear tires. Michelin is offering a $70 rebate. Pirelli Tires is offering a $60 rebate. Based on your choice of company, you can save in between $95 to $130 on a set of four new tires.

AutoSquad provides service in the DC and Philadelphia metro areas. They are retailers and provide mobile installation for new tires and brakes.

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Free 7 Space-A Stay Promo from the Armed Forces Vacation Club


Traveling is one of the ways you can de-stress from all the hulabaloo of life and see the sights that can refreshed tired minds and weary souls. The only thing stopping us from taking a dive at the Maldives, from hiking at the historic sites of Central America, enjoying the shores of the Carribean, is the huge, huge cost that traveling abroad always entail.

Working as a military employee or being part of the regiment is one of the jobs that you can expect to be the most highly-stressful of all. Good thing here is that there are several benefits that you can reap especially with getting a good travel deal from the Armed Forces Vacation Club. From March 1 to 15, you can book a 7-Night Vacation rental using promo code MADNESS and you receive, absolutely free, another 7-Night Space-A Stay!

This great promo should be booked for travel from the 5th of April through the 16th of June, and with hundreds of destination worldwide, you’re bound for that awesome adventure at Maldives or at the Carribean! Now, wouldn’t you say it’s an amazing deal to share with your friends and family? It’s for a limited time only, so head off on your vacation with the MADNESS promo code at Armed Forces Vacation Club!

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hoodie discount apparel sportswear hoodie

Hoodie, School Shirt, Team apparel at a great discount!

hoodie discount apparel sportswear hoodie

Taking a break from the fatigues and military gear is refreshing, especially when you’re back at home and having a quiet respite from all the busy days at the military regiment. Civilian clothing is so much more comfortable than the starched, tailored military unifoms, especially when you’re wearing your favorite hoodie with your alma matter name emblazoned on it. The laid back style of college hoops apparel, greek wear, vintage sports team are just a few of the specialties from PrepSportsWear. Whether you’re a hoodie kind of guy or gal, or just looking for comfortable lounge shirts to wear, this should be just the right online store to feed that.

Military personnels will not only love the comfy fabric, appreciate the quality of make, and reminisce about their favorite sports team or greek club, but the discount from PrepSportsWear isn’t bad. Not bad at all! When you want to shop online for thousands of t-shirt and hoodies, bags and hats and everything in between, make sure you scour the entire PrepSportsWear for the apparel that’s exactly what you’re looking for. One of the recent deals is their prep for school deal! Entering a promo code will give you up to 10% of school apparel discount, and that’s not all the promo you can find, there’s plenty more where that came from!

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fed travel discount

Fed Employees Can Travel and Save at the Same Time

It is everyone’s dream to travel the world and see the most wondrous sights and sounds, people, language and culture that make up this beautiful blue planet. Travel doesn’t only mean hustle and bustle, but it can be quite relaxing, too. Just imagine resting along a beautiful beach coastline in the Mediterranean, sipping a cool drink under a wide brim umbrella. Isn’t that always a great dream for every Fed employee working a 9-5 job at a cubicle in a busy government office?

fed travel discount

Now it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. There are plenty of ways that you can be assisted when you’re traveling. It doesn’t also have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are great opportunities for government employees to save a lot of money with this partnership with Resort Condominiums International. If your travel dates fall at a non-peak season or you are open to spontaneous openings at different rental homes and condominiums at their country of destination.

If you have a country of destination in mind, head on to http://www.getravelop.com/ and look for open deals for timeshare resorts, vacation villas, and room rentals so you can travel and save with this deal only available for Federal Employees. Huge discount awaits the flexible traveler!

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military with family

Military Personnel on Active Duty Can Now Visit National Parks and Wildlife Reserves for Free

The American people can rest easy in their beds at night knowing that there are military men and women fighting for peace in different parts of the world, protecting people and ensuring that America stays as beautiful and prosperous as it is. Isn’t it a good thing if were to enable them to see the beautiful land they are protecting?

Last year, a new federal program for military personnel on active duty can now enable them to visit national parks and wildlife preservation areas without the usual Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Land Pass $80 fee applied to the general public visitors.

military with family

If you haven’t heard of this initiative spearheaded by Jill Biden and Int. Secretary Ken Salazar, you should go to the nearest national parks and see for yourself that the usual entrance fee you used to pay for your 1 year membership will be waived. Almost 2,000 recreation sites are now honoring this program for active-duty military as well as their dependents.

To obtain your America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Land Pass, simply show your identification or any valid I.D. card displaying your current military designation at any agency fee stations all over the country. You can now take you and your loved ones to historical parks and beautiful wildlife areas!

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